We are open Monday - Friday from 7.30 am till 6 pm

Closed: Public Holidays

Phone: 9227-9886
Fax: 9227-9694
E-mail: meelaccc@westnet.com.au

116 West Parade, Mt Lawley 6050


Centre closes for two weeks annually over the Christmas period

Opening Hours at Meela Child Care Centre

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The Meela Handbook is currently available from the main office.

Opening Hours at Meela Child Care Centre

Welcome to Meela Child Care Centre


Meela Child Care Centre (Meela) is a community based, non profit making centre which caters for 55 children between 0-6 years of age and aims to meet the needs of the general community.

Within a loving, fun, caring and safe environment, Meela provides the freedom for children to attempt and master independence, creativity and initiative. This will be achieved through developmentally appropriate and stimulating play experiences, meeting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of each child.

Wooden toys are just some of the games available
Meela is committed to providing a diverse team of Care Givers and resources that will support physical, ethnic, economic and social similarities and differences, thereby fostering pride in the
child and respect for self and others.


The staff are a valued team, with leadership providing ongoing training in both professional and personal development, hence optimising individual and team skills and abilities.

Open communication between staff, committee, parents and children and the community is considered vital for the effective operation of Meela. To the best of our ability, Meela is committed to providing a service that reflects the needs of children, their parents and the community.