We Love to Learn…

‘If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow’ - John Lubbock

We create a loving, nurturing and happy environment where staff respond to the children’s emotional, mental and physical needs in a respectful and caring manner.

Our learning is flexible and allows for spontaneous play and child-led experiences along with intentional teaching experiences and educator-led experiences to scaffold children’s learning and development. We believe children learn through play and that adults and children can learn together. Our programs are based on children’s interests and are developmentally appropriate according to the requirements set out in the National Quality Standards (ACEQA) and the Early Years Learning Framework.



We Love to Create…

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ - Albert Einstein

The importance of early childhood and the value of play is considered integral in decision making and is reflected in all aspects of our programmes, routines and day to day activities. Our Educators beliefs reflect the importance of children’s learning and development through the understanding of Theories including Erikson (Psychosocial development through 8 stages), Piaget’s Cognitive theory and Vgotsky (Social and Cultural Experiences).  We believe in a child’s right to play, learn, develop and engage in quality interactions.

Our programmes are child centred incorporating written observations, interpretations and evaluations.  Programmes reflect and include:

  • The diverse values of children, families, staff and the wider community.

  • Routines and activities fostering the strengths, needs and interests of children.

  • Opportunities and experiences which encourage development in all developmental domains.

  • Safe, fun and stimulating environments which vary in accordance with children’s strengths, needs and interests.

  • Opportunities for the children to be challenged in a safe and supported environment.

  • Opportunities for the children to develop autonomy and independence.

  • Children will experience flexibility, freedom of choice and spontaneity.

  • Communication between Staff, Parents and Families.

A place that practices SUSTAINABILITY


We Love to Grow…

‘Free the child’s potential and you will transform them into the world’ - Maria Montessori

Meela values sustainability and recognises its importance for everybody’s future. We aim to teach children about caring for the environment. Through our programs our children are taught about recycling by using recycled equipment and materials in their everyday activities. Also using the Australian native plants in our gardens as an example, our children can learn about the importance of biological diversity and saving water. Meela aims to create an environment where it can exemplify sustainable practices to its families, children and the community.