We’re proud users of Storypark. An online learning service/app that helps teachers, parents and families work together to record, share and extend their children’s learning.

We capture your child's development by posting photos, stories and moments throughout the day, enabling parents and families to view, respond and check in to see what their child has been learning. Once your child is enrolled at Meela Child Care, parents/guardians will receive an invite to their child’s profile.

Storypark can also be accessed via an iOS app or Android app where parents/guardians can invite family members to view their child’s profile.

Why Storypark?

Supporting parents

  • Be part of your child’s day no matter where you are.

  • Extend your child’s interests and learning.

  • Record your child’s stories and keep them forever.

  • Share and collaborate with wider family in a safe, private environment.

  • Perfect for any parent or family situation, including working couples, separated parents and overseas relatives.

  • Free to access.

Enabling children

  • Enhanced learning opportunities.

  • Feedback and reinforcement from family.

  • Stimulates language and ideas.

  • Revisit stories to reinforce and extend learning.

  • Build an online record that grows with each child.

Learn more about Storypark